Manage, Monitor, & Measure All Your Technology in One Place

Manage, Monitor, & Measure All Your Technology in One Place

Genuity builds tools to help businesses and IT leaders navigate the IT market, optimize their technology spend, and improve their bottom line.

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The All-in-One Technology Business Management Platform

From managing assets, vendor spend, usage and contracts to strategic sourcing and spend analysis, Genuity is the only Technology Business Management platform that empowers teams to spend smarter and maximize the value of every dollar your business spends.

“Being shown how much we were spending on services was a wake up call. Seeing these reports has been incredibly helpful for the entire team.”

Brandon Hardy | Perkin Hardy Strauss

“As the head of a startup community, I know first-hand the needs of small businesses. Genuity has not only been a huge asset for us, but for the businesses we work with, as well.”

Scott Kitun | CEO, Technori

“Before Genuity, I was using spreadsheets to manage and track our IT spending. This is a cost effective solution that's already saved me thousands.”

Greg Bertsch | Partner, Duggan Bertsch

Genuity is made for you.

With our cloud-based platform, we bring together IT, finance, and leadership teams to manage, plan, and optimize technology investments. Here’s how our products empower technology business leaders:

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Few appreciate the complexity you manage, Business leaders often view IT as a black box of unaccountable, ever increasing costs, yet they constantly ask for more.

  • Endless questions about cost
  • Constant firefight mode
  • Moving too slowly
  • Pressure to do more with less
  • Suffocating “maintain costs”
  • Emotion based decisions

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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You’re the lynchpin between technology decision makers and finance. But it’s not easy when technology can be a black box of unaccountable, ever increasing costs.

  • Where are the current technology expenses? You need answers at your fingertips.
  • End of the year budget surprises - is everyone flying blind?
  • Bad, stale, missing, inaccurate data.
  • Measuring what is being used.
  • Budget?
  • Cost Analysis?

Finally, there's a better way.

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To some extent, every business of every size in every industry is now a technology company. The technology choices you make and the partners you choose can determine whether you come out ahead, or are left by the wayside.

  • Does your team have input on technology decisions?
  • How do you measure your technology?
  • Are your technology data points accurate for better decision making?
  • If there are role transitions, can your team pick up the pieces without a technology disruption?
  • Where should the business go, and how does technology truly help?
  • Is everything documented?
  • Are you confident your spend is on the highest priority items?
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