Every company is a technology company.
IT is at the heart of every modern business.

Information technology has enabled the revolution of industries and has forever changed how we work and operate—but as far reaching and prominent as the benefits of technology are, the IT market is still shrouded by complexity, exclusivity, and confusion.

The IT market was designed to be confusing.
The less people know, the more they pay.

The IT market has thrived in the obstruction of market transparency. The black box of IT is one of those things businesses need to hire experts to tackle. Businesses can never be sure if those MSPs and VARs have the company's best interest in mind, or their own margins and profits.

Genuity was created to level the playing field.

Technology has the ability to empower business to innovate and achieve their goals. IT shouldn't be a blind spot that bleeds them dry. We're empowering businesses to make informed decisions about the technology behind critical operations through software and community. Company progress relies on new and relevant inforamtion about the technology we rely on every day. We want to give everyone the insights they need to navigate the IT market, make IT less resource intensive, and give everyone more time and money to focus on what matters.

Revealing savings opportunities

The Genuity IT Admin Suite is a complete management platform designed around IT's best practices with market intelligence built in to help businesses achieve the visibility they need to identify savings opportunities in their operation.

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Accessing enterprise-exclusive deals

The Genuity IT Marketplace is an IT purchasing platform that brings businesses together to combine their scale and buying power to leverage enterprise exclusive deals for businesses of all sizes.

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We started Genuity because...

We were tired of all the auto-renew clauses, complex cancelation terms, surcharges, or any other unnecessary costs that don't add value to a customer's operation.

We're sharing the advantages, resources, and options we have gained from years of industry experience with businesses like yours. Our goal is to give everyone the ability to better understand their technology and make informed decisions about all the options that are available to them.

We can expand the reach of individual resources through collective action.