Rest assured, your data's safe with us.

We encrypt our customers' data—from login to logout—using the highest encryption standards available, including 256-bit SSL encryption (the same technology that banks use to keep your account information safe).

Industry standard security.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Your data is transferred with high-grade TLS and multi-layered encryption at rest with AES-128. Encryption keys are stored separately from the data, and it's all hosted in our off-site, secure cloud infrastructure.

Data Center Service

Our server hosting locations are physically secured, staffed 24/7/365 by trained security guards who have undergone a thorough auditing process.

Two-Factor Authentication

Access to sensitive data requires two-factor authentication and is restricted only to authorized personnel performing specific tasks for the client.

Protected at every step.

Continuous In-House Monitoring

Genuity is built entirely in-house. This means we can keep every apsect of your data safe. Our security team reviews every transaction that takes place to ensure that it was properly created. We also benchmark your use over time to automatically watch for anything out of the ordinary.

All Angles Are Covered

Genuity's multi-pronged approach to security ensure you are protect at all times. We adhere to indusry standards for protecting your data, securing our web application, and processing transactions. We've created policies against our entire organization to ensure Genuity offers the highest level of security.