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Genuity Data Management

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Data Management

Access to Customer Data

Genuity limits access to Customer Data as follows:

Sharing of Personal Information

Genuity does not share your personal information with third parties other than as follows:

Sale of Data

We will never sell or provide Your Data to another party without your explicit consent.

Data Encryption

Network Security, Physical Security and Environmental Controls

Personnel Management

Independent Security Assessments

Genuity periodically assesses the security of its systems and the Service as follows:

Incident Response

If Genuity becomes aware of unauthorized access or disclosure of Customer Data under its control (a “Breach”), Genuity will:

Responsible Disclosure Policy

Data security is a top priority for Genuity, and Genuity believes that working with skilled security researchers can identify weaknesses in any technology. If you believe you’ve found a security vulnerability in Genuity’s service, please notify us; we will work with you to resolve the issue promptly.

Disclosure Policy


While researching, we’d like you to refrain from:

Thank you for helping to keep Genuity and our users safe!

Contacting Us

If you have any questions or comments about this Policy or our practices relating to the Service or Software, or if you believe we have not complied with this Policy, please contact us at