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Confidently tackle any network crises.

Genuity Networking Monitoring software enables your team to diagnose performance issues and solve problems in minutes instead of days or hours

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Reliable Network Performance Monitoring Tools

If you own a business, you probably have a business website, and you probably rely on it for critical business functions. Now imagine you can no longer access your website. Assuming you can get your website online, how much business do you think you’d lose in the downtime? If that situation seems like a doomsday scenario for you, then you came to the right place.
Identify and Tackle Any Crisis, Error, or Performance Issue

Genuity Network Monitoring software is a simple, yet powerful network monitoring tool that enables you to identify and tackle any crisis, error, or performance issue before it becomes a problem.

Monitor All Traffic, Applications and Systems in Your Infrastructure

Genuity Network Monitoring software is loaded with network monitoring tools that enable you to collect real performance data, monitor all of the traffic, applications and systems in your infrastructure, and take action before your business is impacted by an issue.

Guess less, know more, and capture every issue that poses a threat to your network.

Gain VisibilityGain Visibility

Actively monitor your most critical infrastructure elements

Real time analyticsReal time analytics

Receive alerts at the first sign of trouble before it's too late

Quickly resolve issuesQuickly resolve issues

Solve issues in minutes instead of days or weeks

Isolate and diagnoseIsolate and diagnose

Make it easy to diagnose the exact issue and identify a solution

Knowing When Things Break is Good. Knowing Before They Break is Better

When it comes to network monitoring, doing nothing leaves your website vulnerable to IT issues that could knock it offline for hours, even days. The situation is bad enough when your network crashes. It gets worse when you realize that the network downtime that cost your business valuable revenue was entirely preventable.

Genuity Network Monitoring Software eliminates that scenario by enabling your team with the network monitoring tools they need to oversee performance, security, and bandwidth of the systems and applications that keep your enterprise online. Be proactive and get ahead of infrastructure issues before it’s an emergency.

Isolate and Diagnose Performance Issues
Isolate and Diagnose Performance Issues
Accelerate Problem Identification and Resolution
Accelerate Problem Identification and Resolution
Solve Problems in Minutes Instead of Days or Hours
Solve Problems in Minutes Instead of Days or Hours
Real-Time Analytics and Early Warning Alerts for Critical Issues

Real-time dashboards offer an at-a-glance view of the health of your applications and networked locations, enabling your team to proactively mitigate IT issues with early warning notifications (via e-mail, SMS, and other channels) that uncover abnormal activity patterns, problems or unusual metrics.

How Genuity Network Monitoring Works

Genuity Networking Monitoring software provides insight on the quality and performance of all connections between processes in your network environment. By identifying which of your services and processes suffer from network connection problems, Genuity networking monitoring software enables your DevOps to improve the connections between vital infrastructure components.

In other words, Genuity provides a clear picture of your network infrastructure, enabling your team to fix critical issues, before they cause network downtime that costs your enterprise time, money and manpower. If you want to stay ahead of critical network issues, and prevent network downtime, then Genuity Network Monitoring Software is how you do it.

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