SaaS & Spend Vendor Management

Conquer Spend & SaaS Chaos

Manage spend, software, usage, contracts, and compliance - and optimize your entire tech stack.

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Power up your vendor spend.

Automate your software and control SaaS and Vendor Costs with Genuity.

Genuity helps you maximize vendor spend & control SaaS costs.

A proactive vendor spend strategy allows businesses to spend less resources reacting to costs and more resources on serving customers.

Genuity keeps you aware and in control of your vendor expenses. Our Software Asset Management Tools can provide better audit performance, boost compliance, and identify unused software that wastes budget.

When you're ready to stop the software overspend and better manage your vendor costs, visit Genuity's IT Marketplace to discover the IT solution that best fits your business’s needs.

Gain Cost Efficiencies by Managing Vendor Spend

Genuity’s Software Asset Management Tools benefit businesses in key strategic areas, including:
Efficient Spend Management

Ensures better spending control, centralizes information, and helps enforce compliance.

Improved Vendor Relations

Means better support, pricing, and quicker deliveries.

Enhanced Value

Means fewer problems, and more profit.

Spend Visibility

Allows for better savings opportunities and financial reporting.

Transform Your Vendor Spend with Genuity

Managing a constantly growing number of SaaS subscriptions can be cumbersome in-house - finance, IT, and bus-ops teams are almost always stretched thin. That's where Genuity can help.

Genuity helps businesses like yours stay aware of SaaS costs, stay up to date on compliance, and maximize budgets with our integrated spending management tool.

Develop A Spend Analysis to Drive Value

Clarity around vendor spend can keep your organization informed around software budgeting.

Ready to build a positive analysis framework? Genuity recommends these steps:

Step One
Set Your Objectives

What is it you want the spend analysis to achieve: reduce costs, eliminate duplication, reign in maverick spending, reduce risk, or improve future forecasting?

Step Two
Identify Spending Data Sources

Do your due diligence in gathering spend data from all business units.

Step Three
Collect & Consolidate Information

Standardize the vendor data to ensure the best analysis.

Step Four
Clean Data

Confirm the information collected is accurate.

Step Five
Link & Categorize Spending

Group purchases together by vendor, payment terms, purchase date, purchase frequency, software application, etc.

Step Six
Perform Spend Analysis

Genuity's Vendor Spend solution identifies your purchasing patterns, potential savings, and helps you meet compliance.

Step Seven
Circle Back

What is it you want the spend analysis to achieve: reduce costs, eliminate duplication, reign in maverick spending, reduce risk, or improve future forecasting?

Decrease Costs & Increase Efficiency

  • Genuity helps you gain the clarity you need about on-premises applications and SaaS subscriptions, allowing you to easily discover cost saving opportunities.
  • From eliminating duplication and identifying unused software to monitoring performance, Genuity helps you increase efficiency and decrease costs across your organization.
  • Start gaining cost savings, boosting efficiency, and building better vendor relations by visiting Genuity's IT Marketplace.

Effective Vendor Spend & Saas Cost Management

  • Choosing a vendor spend management strategy to manage software costs makes sense. Genuity's Software Management Tools give the organization clarity over the company's software spend.
  • Eliminate unnecessary spending, eliminate redundancy and inefficiencies, and better position your company’s resources with Genuity’s Software Management Tools.