SaaS & Spend Management

Conquer Spend & SaaS Chaos

Manage spend, software, usage, contracts and compliance - and optimize your entire tech stack.
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Optimize Your Entire Tech Stack

Gain a bird’s-eye view of your SaaS & vendor expenses so you can optimize your spending.

  • Track vendor spend, products, cloud and more.
  • Eliminate unused applications and instances.
  • Easily identify opportunities to reduce spend and save.
  • Set alerts to track changes in vendor spend, products and usage.
  • Link contracts, contacts, company owners and more.
Visualize your SaaS costs to identify ways you might be overspending.

Automatically sync your business transaction to visualize spending, spot trends, gain valuable insights.

    Clarity into your spend

    Chart your spending over time to identify patterns patterns and discover savings opportunities.

    Actionable Insights

    Know exactly where your money is going so you can optimize you spend.

    Optimize Vendor Spend.

    Drill into cloud usage, license details, product usage, billing trends and contract details to streamline and save.

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