Feature Highlight: Telecom Expense Management

Gain control and insights into your network infrastructure.

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(This is a feature highlight of Genuity’s Telecom Expense Management tool.)

Keep an eye on your telecom spend. Know exactly how much you’re paying for voice and data.

Gain control and insights into your network infrastructure. Compare your rates with others. Keep all your IP addresses and phone numbers organized.

Telecom Expense Management Overview

Know exactly how much you’re paying and what you’re paying for. Take control of your telecom spend.

Telecom Services List

Keep a registry of your phone numbers and IP addresses.

Telecom Phone Numbers and IP Addresses

Our goal was to give businesses of all sizes a simple, but powerful management tool that gives them more visibility and control over their IT. We’re helping businesses have that information readily available and useful. Don’t get caught off guard by plans or expenses that you never agreed to.

Signing a new telecom plan isn’t as easy as it may seem. What many small businesses don’t realize is how much money they could be losing when they just sign and pay those invoices. If companies don’t keep an eye on those contracts: you could be paying for billing errors, charges you never signed up for, things that aren’t within the original negotiated terms.

Genuity offers an easy way to keep track of your telecom, breaking down your monthly spend and plans to give you confidence and peace of mind.

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