Upcoming Webinar: Why MFA Is No Longer Secure

Fortify Your Digital Defense: Why you need to implement phishing resistant MFA today!

Fortify Your Digital Defense: Why you need to implement phishing resistant MFA today!

Genuity Security Webinar: Thursday, Jan 11, 12:30pm EST, via Zoom

In an era where digital threats constantly evolve, safeguarding your online presence is more important than ever. Layered defense is the best defense, and today, we will highlight the need for a comprehensive defense strategy.

Join Genuity experts on Thursday, January 11th, at 12:30pm EST to discuss why MFA is no longer safe and what action you can take to safeguard your company.

Live Demo: Witness the Threat in Action!

Join us for an eye-opening live demonstration where we'll simulate a realtime MFA token-capturing attack. Witness firsthand how traditional MFA methods can be compromised and understand the critical need for stronger defenses.

Your Shield Against Cyber Threats

But it's not just about understanding the threats – it's about arming yourself against them. In this segment, we will highlight key measures and best practices to protect your digital identity. Learn how our phishing-resistant MFA adds an extra layer of security and stands resilient against sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Interactive Q&A Session

Have questions? We have answers. Our experts will be available for an interactive Q&A session, offering personalized advice and insights on enhancing your cybersecurity posture.

Step into a Safer Digital Future

Don't miss this opportunity to fortify your digital defense. Join us and take the first step towards a more secure and phishing-resistant digital future.

Webinar Details:

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