Everything Spiceworks does and more. But with zero ads.

We built Genuity to be feature-rich in order to solve your company's problems, not to sell your company data to advertisers.

Genuity is a leader in Enterprise IT Management on G2Genuity is a leader in Enterprise IT Management on G2Genuity is a leader in Enterprise IT Management on G2Genuity is a leader in Vendor Management on G2
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Why choose Genuity over Spiceworks?

Touted as an "upgrade", the new Spiceworks cloud version seems to be very much a downgrade. Keep Spiceworks for their community and use the Genuity IT suite of tools to get your job done.

Better Help Desk

Scale support without scaling costs with an easy-to-use IT Help Desk that is refreshingly simple and fully integrated across the entire Genuity IT platform including asset management.

We're focused on the product, not selling ads.

If you are not paying for the product, you are the product. We don’t spam you with ads or sell your data to third parties. We focus on continually investing in and improving our product to be the best on the market.

Full Suite of IT Tools

From contracts and compliance, to spend, software and assets, the Genuity IT Management platform enables your team with the tools you need to manage your entire tech stack.

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Best In Class Help Desk

Why be stuck with an IT help desk that doesn't work for your team? Whether you've got a team of 5 or 500, our IT help desk module is adaptable for whatever IT problems your company face.

Best-in-Business Automations

Genuity's Help Desk lets you automate repetitive tasks, enabling you to focus on crucial business outcomes. It enhances collaboration and ensures consistent support at any scale.

Limitless Customizations

Your help desk, your way. We offer limitless customizations, enabling you to craft workflows that perfectly match your unique business needs.

Slack & Teams Integrations

Seamlessly integrate Genuity with Microsoft Teams or Slack, making communication more efficient and response times lightning fast.

Genuity IT Help Desk solution - Promotional Interface Example
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Join the hundreds of Spiceworks users who tested our help desk and never went back.

Easily Manage IT Tickets
Automate IT Ticketing Workflows
Simplified Collaboration
Self-Service Portal
Metrics and Reports
Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
IT Asset Management
Requests from Microsoft Teams and Slack
Mobile app for IT on the go

Discover how our feature-rich IT Help Desk module can revolutionize your support operations, enhance collaboration, and deliver outstanding service.

Easily manage IT tickets, promote user-driven support through self-service portal, and streamline asset management. Automate workflows, easily access valuable metrics, and integrate Microsoft Teams and Slack for seamless collaboration. With our mobile app, your IT team is agile and ready to deliver exceptional support.

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But wait… there's more!

Our best-of-breed Help Desk is part of a fully-integrated suite of IT apps.

Integrated with the Tools You Trust

From G-Suite to Expensify, Genuity is integrated with the tools you trust.
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IT leaders like you love the Genuity platform.
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One flat rate.
Per company, per month.

Get Started for Free

Yep, only $29.99 per month, per company - with everything included.

Get it all for one simple price. No gotchas. No gimmicks. We don't sell your data and we don't sell your attention.

How is this possible?
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We value your privacy. We don't sell your private company data to third parties in order to cover your screen with ads. With us, your information is YOUR information!

A model built on selling your attention to display ads. You have no control over the 3rd parties, what access they have or what you see. That's not very spicy.

“We wanted to spend our time building a service people wanted to use because it worked and saved them money and made their lives better in a small way. We knew we could do what most people aim to do every day: avoid ads.”
Colum Donahue | Co-Founder & CEO